Why Former President Bill Clinton Gave Vinod Gupta An Important Award


Just as many presidents give medals of honor to individuals who have changed the world, former President Bill Clinton awarded one to Indian-American businessman and philanthropist Vin Gupta. Gupta is most known for founding a company known as InfoUSA, but even more important is how he’s given much of the wealth he made running that company to poor communities around the world. He also served as a chief advisor to leaders in the Clinton Global Initiative program that the former president started.


One reason Vin Gupta became interested in social activism and philanthropy is that he was born in a small village in India to a family with little money and a home with no electricity or running water. It took years of hard work in school and even a tough task of borrowing cash to make it possible for him to attend college. But he never lost sight of his goal, and after finishing his bachelor’s degree at India’s Institute of Technology and completing a few years of military service, Gupta boarded a plane for the US. Refer to This Article for related information.


Vin Gupta began the InfoUSA company after completing his master’s degree and working for another company first. But he started this company out by gathering yellow page phone book information and gathering other details for clients. Eventually Vin Gupta turned it into a more comprehensive database company that would also buy up marketing companies. By the 1990s it had gone from a few thousand dollars in revenue to half a billion, and Vinod Gupta had opened many new offices and created many new jobs in underserved communities.


Vinod Gupta would sell this company in 2010, but in the meantime he had gone on to start a polytechnic institute for women back in his old village, and started a school for business management named for him. Gupta also supports different scholarships and venture capital activities through the Everest Group, a firm owned by his family. He also served in the Clinton administration in the State Department and was a pick for US Ambassador to Fiji, though he declined that nomination.


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