Vinod Gupta


Vinod “Vin” Gupta was born July 4 1946. Vin is an Indian businessman and philanthropist. From a very young age, strived to give back to the community. Vin wanted to contribute to his family, community, neighbors and people in need.

Vin Gupta is the current manager at Everest Group. Much of his investment decisions are based on the long-term good that the cause will contribute. He has focused on things such as education for women.

Vin’s investing practices shows that investing is not just for big companies or those who have already achieved monetary success. Extending financial support to those in need helps to grow communities and help people from all walks of life and income brackets to achieve their goals. Wise business investments in causes that do good have many returns on investment, such as helping the world become a better place and to improve quality of life for people who need help the most.

Thousands of people have benefited from Gupta’s investing. Vin Gupta is sensitive to the impact that his business practices will have on the world and the people around him. His focus on the common good when it comes to business practices is helping to shape

The current market in the US and the world is changing. There have been huge spikes as well as collapses. Supporting communities in grassroots efforts and to helping develop humanitarian concerns has been one of his focuses. His emphasis on making a good income is balanced with sound ethical principles.

Vin Gupta focuses on business practices that are for the greater good, including hiring people who were on welfare and disabled people. As well as focusing on his company’s bottom line, he works to provide a better economic environment for people from all classes and all walks of life. Vin Gupta managed to turn a $100 investment into a 680 million dollar company, and he gives back to others as well.


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