Vinod Gupta, A Legendary Investor And Philanthropist

The man, Vinod Gupta is a living legend and one of the most successful businessmen in the world today. He is a socially conscious investor and believes that success is not only for personal gain, but also for the betterment of his family, other industries, and the entire community. Born in 1946 in a tiny village in India, his story of success is as a result of passion, inspiration, and never giving up despite the setbacks that come along the way. He is indeed a source of inspiration for people with modest beginnings but dreams big for bringing change to the whole community and the world at large.

The story of success and prosperity of Vinod Gupta is long. It all began when he enrolled for a village high school in India and later joined I.I.T College where he graduated with a B. Tech degree in agricultural engineering. Gupta joined the workforce immediately but resigned three years later to pursue more knowledge. Vinod obtained a scholarship and joined the University of Nebraska where he graduated with a Master’s degree in business administration. He got absorbed soon to the job market in a mobile home company. See This Page for more information.

Vinod Gupta was in charge of Marketing and Research analysis within the company. While he was carrying out his day-to-day activities in the company, Gupta discovered a gap that existed in the market for the need of a categorized database. This inspired him to open his first venture; American Business Lists in 1972. The idea was well-received across the nation which contributed to the company’s dramatic growth. The business expanded rapidly and went on with the acquisition of other database companies.

Besides, business Vinod Gupta has embarked on giving back to the society and most notably helping women in India acquire education. Also, he supports upcoming innovative leaders to establish their careers in business management, logistics, and engineering. Currently, Gupta runs the Everest Group, a highly reputable venture capital firm.

In an article with Medium, Vinod shares his Business Advice on how to succeed in the competitive and modern world of business.


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