Victoria Doramus- A New York City Recovery Expert


Victoria Doramus, a recovery expert, has experienced a great deal of the effects of drug addiction on a first-hand basis.

In 2011, Victoria Doramus went through rehab for the first time. She spent 45 days in a rehabilitation center in the state of Arizona after addiction-related uses of Adderall and Cocaine.

In the year 2016, Victoria Doramus was ready to leave her drug addictions behind. Her mother was battling cancer. Knowing this, Doramus had planned to see her mother again once she was clean, but she relapsed again. It was because the doctors prescribing medications had planned only to make a profit. They were not actually out to help Doramus because of the profitable incomes prescribing medications can bring. Because of this outcome, Victoria Doramus ended up relapsing again which resulted in homelessness and no one to turn to.

At the beginning of the following year, 2017, Victoria Doramus had entered the recovery phase of her life because of her own demise. Due to her relapse, she found herself in a Texan recovery facility. The recovery center’s treatment plan takes a methodical approach to treat those who have been struggling with drug addiction.

Doramus applied herself to recovering from her drug addiction and was eventually able to sustain an income as a waiter. This sustainability allowed her to buy herself a plane ticket so she could visit her mother in Tennessee. Read This Article for more information.

In January 2018, Victoria Doramus had started her life completely away from using drugs. She now dedicates her time towards non-profit organizations. The non-profit organizations included

Room to Read, the Best Friends Animal Society, the Women’s Prison Association and the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Victoria Doremus has extended her knowledge into the creative media and marketing which has enabled her to help run the non-profits she applies herself to.Currently, she invests most her time and attention towards AA and is planning on opening an AA house in New York City. By keeping her attention focused on AA, Victoria Doramus is impacting the people around her and keeping an emphasis on the importance of into staying healthy and humble.


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