The Legacy of Chainsmokers

Music is a global language that is spoken by all in the world. The main reason why music is essential to the society is the impact it has on the audience. For instance people use music to express their feelings or current state of mind. One of the groups that have successfully used music to interact with the audience is the Chainsmokers. The group, Chainmakers is an American DJ and production duo of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall .Notably, the unique aspect of the Chainsmokers is as a result of the genre of the music they produce. The groups main genre is EDM-pop and it rose to stardom in the year 2014 when they released the song Selfie that become a top twenty single in a number of countries. The debut album for the Chainsmokers was released in 2015 and contained single such as Roses which was top ten in the US Billboard Hot 100.During the 59th Grammy Awards, Chainsmokers were awarded for Best Dance Recording in their song Don’t Let Me Down. In addition the group has received other numerous accolades including two American Music Awards as well as iHeartRadio Music Awards for five times. After the release of the debut record the group did not stop there and they went a head to release EP Collage in November 2016.

Chainsmokers have held numerous live performances across the globe and especially the United States where their music career begun. For instance their first live performance was at Timeflies at Terminal 5 back in September 2014.As a result of the success the Chainsmokers signed a joint venture record with Sony Music Entertainment for the purpose of developing their brand. Recently the duo released Memories on 2017 making them to become more popular. The hit album was released in Paris, France where it went on becoming number one in the US billboard. By March 2017 the album had more than 270 million views. On Sunday night the Chainsmokers took time at Billboard music Awards to pay their tribute to Avicii the Swedish DJ who died recently. According to the group Avicii inspired them to do music since he promoted pop and EDM community.