The Influential Business Woman Isabel Dos Santos

Born on 1st April 1973 in Azerbaijan SSR, Isabel dos Santos has spent almost all of her life in Africa. The infamous Angolan business woman has had many ventures in various industries that have so far seen her create an empire with enormous wealth accumulated over the years. She has worked in the Angolan government by managing several projects ever since the year 2000. Isabel dos Santos has also made several investments in Portugal including; finance, telecommunications and media, and most especially the energy industry.

Her businesses have also expanded to the diamond industries and she also made investments in Nova Cimangola, a cement producing company in Angola. Isabel dos Santos made a takeover bid for Portugal Telecom in 2014. In the year 2017, she purchased 2% of BFA Bank in Angola. In April 2011, Isabel dos Santos made partnership with a retail trading company in Angola called the Sonae Group that was responsible for the trading operations. The group was able to create a chain of supermarkets in Angola.Isabel also partnered with Portugal Telecom through the creation of Unitel International holdings.

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With all these investments and many others, Isabel dos Santos has being able to establish facilities for young people in Sao Tome and Principe; for training and creating jobs for young managers, engineers and other technicians. She also owns shares of satellite-television operator ZAP. In 2013, ZAP had gained the official justification of distributing Forbes throughout the countries that speak portugese.

In 2018, Isabel had her wealth shrank due to the fact that African currencies had shrank immensely. However in 2019, she was ranked the eighth richest person in the whole of Africa according to Forbes even though only four millionaires were able to maintain their wealth after the devaluation of the currencies. Isabel’s shares in almost all the investments she had made declined in value, making her fortune to also drop relatively. Isabel asserts firmly that Africa should invest more in technology and embrace the new innovations to be able to keep up with the world’s trend especially with the developed countries.

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