The Education Department Led by Betsy DeVos Takes on the Issues of Today

The education in this country has perhaps met something of a plateau. We aren’t improving enough and in many ways, we are being careless with our students who will be the workplace of tomorrow. But to create tomorrow, you first have to invest your time, energy, and ability into today. The United States has not taken much effort to improve the curriculum for the students in this nation. We have not put more emphasis on science, technology, and math studies. This is a fact and it’s a fact that the nation may only have really started to realize during the presidency of Obama, when he voiced it. Not enough was done to change it though. The media focused on the former president hosting a science fair in the White House to get kids excited about learning about science in school and then the issue was dropped by the media. The issue of mass school shootings has been edged around by politicians. Pronouncements have been placed on the media, but nothing has actually been done regarding the issue. Congress has not even held a debate about the issue.


Today the education department has made a point of rectifying where the last education department secretary was lacking. Oddly enough perhaps the negative bias towards her in the media, has actually given the current education secretary Betsy DeVos more of a platform to let issues in the department be known. It was almost like the media has ignored the last education secretary with disinterest, and instead focused on President Obama solely. But a presidency is not about only the president. A successful president happens thanks also to his administration. President Trump’s pick for education secretary is well-known with a face that is immediately recognizable to anyone who even loosely follows the news. It’s a bit like the concept of all press is good press that people in hollywood sometimes believe in, because if someone is talking about you then more people know about you and it creates more public awareness about you.


The education department of today has made some significant changes in direction regarding what students are learning. Math, science, and technology are being pushed as more important aspects for students to learn about to create a stronger workforce for tomorrow. The education department has also called upon school to make their own rules regarding LGBT student and staff rights for the bathroom. This allows schools to vote on what kind of a bathroom policy they want without the president dictating that schools have to do a certain standard policy across the board. Mass school shootings are also an issue that the education department have openly addressed. Betsy DeVos called for an open debate in Congress on the issue to hopefully come up with a few different solutions to implement to improve student safety. As of yet, nothing has really been done in regards to the issue, but she is in full support of holding a debate to keep kids safe in school.


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