The CEO Of Talk Fusion Brings Technology And Marketing Expertise To The Huffington Post

The CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, published a couple of articles on Huffpost last year. He published them around the time HuffPost announced it was re-branding itself.


In Reina’s first article, he wrote about how people can understand their audience. His second article was about how people can thrive in a society that is filled with quitters.


The Huffington Post changed its name to HuffPost, and it’s mission is to tell stories of those who haven’t been involved in the conversation. HuffPost’s initiatives resonates with the CEO’s, of Talk Fusion, mission both as the figurehead of Talk Fusion and a contributor.


Reina said that he believes in innovation and that a brand is never done growing. He added that one of his main goals is to set people up so they have a good chance at succeeding. He finished by saying this was regardless of where they are from or what their backstory is.


Reina has been contributing to HuffPost since summer of 2016. His articles highlights marketing, lifestyle, entrepreneurship, skillful selling, video technology and self-development.


Last year, Reina said he was excited to share more articles with both customers of Talk Fusion and the millions of HuffPost readers.


About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion provides businesses with video marketing solutions. The company was started by Bob Reina in 2007, and their products are designed to make marketing more memorable engaging and enticing via videos. Some of the things businesses can do with Talk Fusion includes creating video newsletters, video emails and engaging signup forms to name a few. The company’s products are marketed by independent associates in over 135 countries.


If you’re a business and want to harness the power of video, then visit Talk Fusion’s website to see what they offer. If you want to learn more about becoming an independent associated, then visit their website to learn more too. Learn more: