The career of entrepreneur Paul Herdsman

Entrepreneur Paul Herdsman underwent an interview that can be found on that summarizes his career, especially when it comes to his company called NICE Global. What makes Herdsman a successful businessman is in how he recruits and builds a team around him and in hiring the right kind of people for the job.

His company, NICE Global, is a customer service one located in Jamaica that serves all types of clients across the world. Paul Herdsman reflects that he likes to work with customers and that working with a bunch of companies strengthened his skills over time to do just that. His company is set out to help out clients with their goals and how they can improve down the road.

Paul Herdsman states that he truly believes in a strong foundation by hiring the right kind of people for the job and training them to do it productively and in the right way. The entrepreneur and his team work to make the customers feel at home and form a relationship with each one to build trust. NICE Global has plans to expand to more areas in Jamaica and to other countries. Paul Herdsman sees expansion as a priority when it comes to his business. He shares that making an impact on customers as essential and spreading the word of the company by giving excellent service to customers and them spreading the word. Paul Herdsman shares some traits that he believes an entrepreneur must have and some of those include: being able to multitask, brainstorm, think critically, gain feedback, and communicate with the team. Some other activities that the entrepreneur enjoys are spending time with family, going fishing or golfing as he tries to do either every week. He believes that doing these are important to relaxing and having some fun.

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