The Beginning of a New Facet For Doe Deere

Poppy Angeloff, a new jewelry company, has become the most recent venture for “Russian Jewish American entrepreneuress” (as stated on her Instagram account), Doe Deere. She is also known as the former CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics, a cruelty-free and vegan makeup line. Doe has always been a creative mind, who enjoys expressing in colorful and innovative ways. She has made it her mission to create a fun and original approach to display women’s charm and has used her artistry to enhance female beauty.

Doe Deere is an example of what resilience and hard work is all about. Her not-so-easy journey in America started at age 17. When she first arrived, Doe spent a couple of years with her mother and sister living at a homeless shelter, working random jobs and surviving off generosity of strangers. The adversity and hard times were what gave her the strength to chase her dreams and never give up.

Before creating her makeup line from scratch, from an apartment in Brooklyn that she shared with her husband, Doe was in a New York rock band with spouse Mark Dumbleton. They embarked on a journey in 2008 inside the cosmetics industry. Meanwhile, she had also worked on her fashion line, which consisted on fixing up and sewing clothing items and selling them on ebay. Since she modeled her own creations, she was able to experiment and expose her makeup skills, which was a major part on the popularity of her stylish, punky fashion line.

The idea of transitioning to a new project, after 10 years of working on the cosmetics industry before deciding to sell, emerged when she came upon some family heirlooms. Doe started to envision a jewelry company that would create vintage-styled pieces with a contemporary touch to appeal the modern generation. Her mission is to design high quality jewelry that feel like not only will the owner wear and enjoy, but will look forward to pass it down as a family token, giving it heirloom value. Poppy Angeloff has developed into a new expansion of Doe’s creativity and artistry.