Talk Fusion App Creates Video Marketing from Mobile Devices

Engadget recently published Jesse Boskoff’s article “Does the Talk Fusion App Live Up to the Hype?” The article describes the network marketing companies recent vertical of adding a video chat app to its line of products.


Talk Fusion is a network marketing company that arrived in the industry in 2007 and has quickly reached its goal of attempting to help businesses differentiate themselves from the competition while also increasing profits. The video is a popular product that allows companies to create more engaging content through video.


The app, also known as the Fusion on the Go app has a variety of new functions and features to help each company create an edge over the competition. People can find it on Google Play and iTunes. While emails containing videos are the lead product for the company, the app pairs easily with the videos to help each business connect with its contacts. By sending emails straight from their phones, businesses can reach their clients with more ease. It also allows the business to see how the marketing campaigns are doing from anywhere that has an internet connection.


The app also allows businesses to record videos and upload them. When the video is finished, the video can be placed into a variety of templates to create a cohesive message. The CEO and founder of Talk Fusion also demonstrates its usability in personal situations. You can use the app to send personal videos to family or friends. The video doesn’t require the same devices unlike other forms of video chatting. The also provides private meeting rooms and names for each contact, allowing you to go back to them at any point. International calls are also available on any kind of device.


The app has also gone through several upgrades to create clearer pictures without the choppiness or blurred images. It also functions as a chatroom where several people can chat at once. It also offers unlimited messaging and even archives where the conversations are kept for later.


Talk Fusion was established in 2007 by Bob Reina. Prior to starting the company he worked as a Police Officer in Tampa, Florida. However, later in his career he discovered the power of network marketing. Talk Fusion is available in more than 140 countries and has a free 30-day trial for anyone who is interested in trying the product. They are focused on helping businesses stand out as uniquely as possible through video marketing, helping them increase sales and profits.


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