Steve Lesnard Hacks On What It Takes To Be A Global Brand Consultant

For your product to perform in the market you must look for a brand ambassador who understands the art of marketing and branding a product. Steve Lesnard has been a brand ambassador who has launched iconic products, spearheaded product campaigns and formulated strategies in the world of sports, technology, and lifestyle.

His passion for sports has enabled him to dedicate his life to ensuring that there are incredible playing grounds. His career kicked off in 1997 as a global marketing and footwear project manager. During his tenure, he marketed the first teams which produced the first two men to win gold in snowboarding. He also signed and serviced Canadian and America snowboards teams to 1998 Olympics.

His contributions at Nike put him in an elite position among those who know how to market products, and he has very specific advice about how to do this in a digital world.

He redefined women’s teams in the middle east, Africa and Europe. Steve Lesnard pioneered in establishing the first women retail stores in partnership with sports influencers. Some of his partners were Jamie king, Madonna choreographer, and global superstar Rihanna. This noble act was to inspire and encourage more women to join sports activities.

Steve Lesnard’s passion for brand marketing started when he was in high school. He loved traveling to different countries to learn about different cultures. The experience inspired him to pursue an international career since he had familiarized with different opportunities as well as challenges. According to Steve lesnard, sports is a national language that has enabled him to interact with people from different backgrounds.

According to Steve, you have to engage your team members in every decision you make. His thinking process is propelled by conversations with his teammates. He believes in formulating ideas that are focused to solve a certain problem. Formulated ideas should also consider and engage future consumers. Lastly, the conception of the idea should leave a life lasting impression on the consumer. Go To This Page to learn more.

As a global brand consultant, Steve helps his clients to grow their product and emerge as market leaders. He always works with his consumers target in mind in order to win their hearts by providing exactly what they need. The secret of his success lies in engaging his consumers in significant ways to understand their needs and identify opportunities for his brands. He helps his client’s companies to redefine a brand until it satisfies their client’s needs.


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