Steve Lesnard Explains On How To Market New Products In The Digital World

Techniques of marketing new products have been changing thanks to the coming of new and dynamic digital as well as social platforms. Undoubtedly, these changes offer amazing benefits. However, danger lurks if they aren’t leveraged accordingly. The majority of successful brands seem to have one thing in common – the focal point of their strategy is the needs of their consumers. A successful product introduction offers tremendous benefits that impact the lives of consumers.

Are you about to introduce a new product to the market? Steve Lesnard unveils two principles that guarantee your success.

  1. Keep it simple so it is easy to remember

As Walt Disney would say, what matters most is the ability to get the storyline right. A great product introduction strategy must clearly communicate the benefits that a consumer can expect from a product. Make it known to them exactly what is new, and better. As easy as it sounds, it isn’t. Simplification demands that the team focuses on the most ingenious and relevant features to bring out the necessary information. At times, one is forced to identify an appropriate lane and pursue it. Read This Article for related information.

  1. To make it real, bring it to life with the consumer in mind

Once you are sure of your storyline, determine the nature of consumer experience that you wish to bring to life.

According to Steve Lesnard, a marketer must ask him/herself the following important questions:

  • How does it appear on my body?
  • What is its role?
  • How would I use it? .

Use these elements in ways capable of cutting through and energizing your preferred marketing medium. There are numerous practical ways of achieving this. For instance, you may use videos to place the product in the right context.

Steve Lesnard also recommends bringing consumer testimonies into the storyline, besides looking for an opportunity to highlight the best features that you would wish to be remembered for. These are dynamic and rich aspects that go well with the modern tools of marketing.

As you begin to devise your next marketing campaign, Steve Lesnard advises that you consider the following;

  • The main consumer benefit that you wish your brand/product to be remembered for.
  • Think of the most conscious and innovative methods of bringing it to life.
  • Identify the best ambassadors to help you bring the message home.

Lesnard is a highly prolific businessman and entrepreneur who is mainly specialized in product marketing. He is a well-known marketer in the United States and a native of Portland. Lesnard is the Global Brand Manager at Nike and plays a vital role in the prosperity of the company. He holds a master’s degree in business and entrepreneurship which he received from Babson College.