Some of the Great Achievements of Michael Lacey

Being established in subjects such as mathematics is never a simple thing. One would have to be ready for a tough course, and have a different mindset on life matters and career. Michael Lacey is a competent mathematician who has worked his way to the highest level of study on this subject. He went to Urbana-Champaign, Illinois University where he achieved his Ph.D. in 1987. Walter Philipp is the man who supervised Lacey’s studies and research projects until he graduated. Probability was his area of interest. He did a thesis on probability and came up with some solution on Banach spaces.




The iterated logarithm law had always been a complex problem to most people. However, Lacey came up with a profound solution for it. Most math students had a challenge when handling empirical characteristic functions. Even after he graduated, he continued to do harmonic, probability, and ergodic theory analysis. Louisiana State University employed him soon after attaining his Ph.D. Michael Lacey later made his way to the Chapel Hill campus at the North Carolina University. Lacey worked at the University of Indiana for seven years from 1989 to 1996. He joined hands with Walter Philipp to come up with a theorem proof.




Lacey got his Postdoctoral Fellowship while still working at Indiana University. Alberto Calderon was questioning bilinear Hilbert transform then. Lacey devoted himself to tackle this issue and come with a long-term solution. Lacey and Christoph Thiele had developed a transform solution in 1996, and they received the Salem Prize. Lacey is today a mathematics professor sharing his knowledge and skills with the students of Georgia Institute of Technology. Lacey scooped another award in 2004 for his combined efforts with Xiaochun Li. He became an American Mathematical Society Fellow in 2012.




The National Science Foundation gave Lacey great support for the recognition he had achieved. Simmons Foundation and Fulbright Foundation are some of the mathematical research institutes that largely support Lacey. He has published several papers on crucial science and mathematics issues. Some of the research topics Michael Lacey has written include central limit theorems, Levy processes, the Carleson–Hunt Theorem, bilinear Hilbert transform, iterated logarithm laws, Kao Problem, and Carleson’s Theorem.