Robert Deignan Advices on How to Cope with Automation at the Workplace

Robert Deignan capitalized on technology to earn a living through helping people solve technical problems. He founded ATS Digital Services to the effect. He has been the CEO of the Tech Company since 2011. The company specializes on network connectivity, intermediate and end devices as well as software. Prior to founding ATS Digital Services, he worked at iS3 as Executive Vice President. He worked for at iS3 for 9 years. He started off his career by starting Fanlink.

Robert Deignan studied at St. Thomas Aquinas High School. He pursued B.S. Business Management at Purdue University.

Technology is changing at a high rate that some people have started worrying about losing jobs to automation. Robert Deignan believes it is for the greater good and if you prepare yourself adequately and make yourself indispensable, your job won’t be taken over by machines. As much as experts can predict how automation will turn out to be in the future, they can’t guarantee anything.

It is estimated that it will take more than 120 years for machines to advance to such a level that they can do 50% of what humans can. According to McKinsey study, even if automation unfolds fully, the workforce can’t do without humans. There are aspects of some work that will need the capability of human beings to execute. For instance, driving a truck has many variables that it can be difficult to be incorporated in a robot exhaustively. In addition, some jobs involves some tasks that can be automated and others that can’t. According to experts such as Robert Deignan, it is important for you to start focusing and building your skills on the tasks that can’t be executed by a machine.

The report from McKinsey goes ahead to recommend for focusing on the job parts that can’t be automated. While most jobs will be affected by automation either partially or fully, professionals such as social workers, recreational experts and therapists won’t be affected as much. In any case, there is a human element which is important when executing some tasks.

It all comes down to how you perceive it. It is a change just like any other but in this case, it is likely to come with more advantages than disadvantages. It will all depend on how you will embrace change and move forward. Robert Deignan took up technological advancement as a business opportunity and started a business which earns him a fortune.