Professional Staffer Brian Torchin Offers His Advice On Retaining Great Employees

Brian Torchin is an entrepreneur that started a company to staff medical offices in January 2007. His company is based in Narberth, PA, and has clients around the world. HCRC Staffing is a full-service firm that is focused on building long-term relationships with its clients based on mutual trust and respect.

He says that staff turnover is a big problem in the medical industry. Medical offices find it hard to attract and retain good job candidates. He helps with the attracting part by finding medical offices the right match within 72 hours. Brian Torchin offers a flexible and customized staffing solution that has consistently delivered excellent results. Find out more about Brian Torchin at Wellness.

HCRC Staffing can provide excellent job candidates across a wide range of positions. This includes medical doctors, nurses, physical therapists, chiropractors, office managers, and support staff. His client testimonials include a person that has been using his services for the past five years. The client said that they have needed to hire new medical doctors several times and each time he found the team at HCRC to very responsive and working hard to find the right fitting doctor.

Brian Torchin wrote an article offering his advice on getting the right job candidate. First, he says that if you want the right candidate you need to pay more. It’s simple, he says. If you pay more most people will elevate their level of work. If you pay less than what someone is worth the will work down to that level.

He also wrote that you should promote professionalism by treating all of your staff with respect and kindness. They should have all the tools they need to do their jobs and they need to be shown how to use them. He also says to hold all of your staff members to the same standards so that their performance is similar. Learn more: