Paul Mampilly is an editor at the Banyan Hill Publishing Company. He is passionate about helping ordinary citizens’ access opportunities that can elevate their lives. At Banyan Hill, Paul Mampilly publishes an article called Profit Unlimited. In this newsletter, he highlights the currents investment trends in the market.

The newsletter has over 60,000 subscribers who read it. Paul Mampilly began to work with Banyan Hill Publishing Firm in 2006 after discovering his interest in analyzing investments. Most of the entrepreneurs who have followed the guidelines offered in the Profit Unlimited have emerged to be successful. This is because this newsletter provides details on stock prices that are of the essence in investments.

Paul Mampilly has a Masters degree in Business Administration from the University of Fordham. His interest in business led him to pursue this course. He after that worked in several firms including in the banking industry. Before joining Banyan publishers, Mampilly worked on Wall Street.

However, he was not satisfied with just making money for big companies with rich people. The drive to help ordinary people propelled him to be an editor and write articles to help them. He used his extensive knowledge and experience to offer advice to prospective entrepreneurs. He advises entrepreneurs to scrutinize risk involved in an investment before deciding to venture into it.

The role of Mampilly at Profit Unlimited requires him to carry out extensive research. Therefore, he has adopted a culture of reading and seeking to understand the investment industry. Mampilly has won several accolades for his contribution through his newsletters.

This includes winning the Templeton Foundations Competition that significantly boosted his reputation. He has also featured in several shows and forums. According to Gazette, Mampilly looks to invest in successful companies like Net Flix. His ability to scout opportunities makes him an exceptional investor.

Paul Mampilly understands the need for excellent customer service. Therefore, he allows his readers to ask questions through his newsletter. He spends most of his time providing answers to the subscribers in an attempt to guide them in making sound investment decisions. Paul Mampilly’s 10 Predictions for Business in 2019

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