OSI Industries’ Achievements are Well Deserved

OSI Industries is one of the leading food providers worldwide that has an exceptional success story. To begin with, the business was started off as a meat shop by an immigrant who never anticipated it would be the achievement it is today. Currently, the company has 65 facilities in 17 countries globally and has managed to employ approximately 20,000 workers. When beginning, there was no hope for the shop to become a family business leave alone a company. With time though, the business thrived as there was a ready market and Otto Kolschowsky the founder did not despair and took advantage of the position of OSI Industries shop. Additionally, he knew precisely the quality of products expected from his shop and therefore delivered on that part. Upon flourishing, the meat shop became a family business; Otto and sons as more workforce were required to satisfy the market adequately.

OSI Industries came into being after Otto & Sons decided to rebrand after more than seven decades in the food industry. At this point, the company required to engage external support which necessitated partnerships with reputable institutions. Their first partnership was with the McDonalds which was as well a family business whom they felt would deliver on their part in making the company move to the next level. Additionally, there was an increase in responsibilities which facilitated the need for professionals to run the business. In that case, Sheldon Lavin became the company’s consultant and brought his expertise in investment a move that helped the business expand. Additionally, OSI Industries embraced the use of technology in its activities which upgraded its status in the market considering that there were other upcoming businesses in the similar field.

Currently, the OSI Industries takes pride in the acquisition of other companies to boost its productivity and remain relevant in a competitive market. Some of the companies that the firm has purchased include Baho Food, Tyson Food Plant and Flagship Europe whose premises comprise of processing plants, warehouses, farms, and poultry processing facilities. All these premises are relevant to the company’s business dealings and have brought about the sustainability of the food products in the market. With this kind of stability, the OSI Industries have become popular and has as well been featured in the Forbes list of the largest private companies where it was ranked position 58 with sales of up to $6.1 billion. In that case, the humble beginning of the company did not deter the kind of breakthrough it is enjoying today hence an encouragement to businesses in similar situations currently.