OSI Group: How This Company Is Leading The Food Industry

Operations are worldwide. Number of employees run in the thousands. But it is the customer service and product OSI Group is able to deliver routinely that causes this company to continue to rise to the top of the food industry. The food industry is a billion dollar market and they serve many multi million dollar corporations with food manufacturing and transportation. They are master at the logistics of transporting food, especially meat from point a to point b. OSI Group is now moving onto another phase of business development. They are searching for new markets to move operations into. They are diversifying their lineup or food items.  Though OSI Group rules the food distribution market, the company knows the essence of hard work and building something from the ground up.

The foundations of this company were laid a century ago by a German immigrant. At that time, America was the place that gave people living in other countries a sense of hope and reason to dream of a better future. People traveled from far over to this country. In particular there was one immigrant that made it to American and began a family business. This Chicago family business sold meat to the local residents living in the city. It was a place of unity that stood as a place where the community could come together and get good food.

The food at this meat market became so beloved people from other parts of Chicago and the suburbs on the outskirt of the city came to buy meat. The founder passed the company down to his sons. His sons were able to establish the meat market into business franchises all over the United States. These franchises eventually became McDonalds. OSI Group is more than just a major food company. It is a story, a lesson of history and economics. The company has prove itself to be a respected corporation that delivers fresh, high quality, consistent meats to restaurants, hotels and other buyers of their products. The company has a bright future as it begins to grow in emerging markets in other countries.