Obsidian Energy Aims To Please Their Customers With Superior Service

There are many companies in the oil industry operating in Canada these days, all working to get a piece of the money pie and make their mark. Obsidian Energy is one of the up-and-coming oil industries in the Canadian market that is building a great reputation with their customers and has been doing so for the better part of a decade. As of 2017, Obsidian Energy took on their new name, formerly they were known as Penn West Petroleum. After David French took over the company as CEO and President, the name change came the following year as a way of rebranding the company to better represent their customers and themselves.


David French’s position at the company was a strategic move to help the company expand and evolve in new ways. David’s personal background in the oil industry is a successful one, and he has been working to improve the companies he has worked at for more than a decade. Under David’s direction, Obsidian has landed some of their biggest cash flows for the coming years from their waterflood platform in Cardium. David has always worked to improve the quality of the company‚Äôs resources and their safety, which is extremely important when dealing with their customers and building a name that is trustworthy.


Throughout the years, Obsidian Energy has been using one of the largest oil reserves in the world, nonetheless Canada, which is located in Alberta. It is here that they do their oil production as well as gas production. Their locations for production was a strategic move to cut costs while improving the amount of cash flow the company has so they can keep expanding. At is stands, they are not the biggest company in the oil industry, producing around 30 thousand barrels of oil and gas each day. However, with their superior quality and professionalism, they are quickly becoming the focal point for oil customers around Canada. Get More Information Here.


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