Nicolas Krafft Contribution To “Le Défilé L’Oréal Paris”

Nicolas Krafft plays the role of the Vice President of Global Business Development Loreal.

Before his position as the Vice President, Nicolas Krafft worked four jobs which included a Deputy General Manager for Loreal in Eastern Europe between the year 2011 and 2013, Director General between the Year 2009 and 2011, Marketing Director in Asia between the Year 2004 and 2008 and Marketing Director at Kerastase from 2002 to 2004.

Nicolas Krafft Loreal pursued business management at the University of ST. Gullen from 1990 to 1995.

Loreal has always been known for showcasing the beauty of women in many impressive ways, and this time they still did justice to the women. This year they went all out by integrating a 60-meter floating runway on river Seine in central Paris. The show was graced by iconic celebrity models who include Elle Fanning, Eva Longoria and Louise Bourgoin who walked for the organizers of the show Loreal.

Loreal is well known for its creativity and diversity and this year was no different since they played around with both and we all must admit no one can do it like its done in Loreal. This became the birth of new ideas of fashion for Loreal. The show was support from within and without the fashion platform. The supporters include Marie bochet a Paralympic ski champion and also the new ambassador of Loreal Paris’s in her runway debut and also Nikolaj Coster Waldau who most people know as Jamie Lannister from the game of thrones.

The event could not be complete without the two iconic people Val Garland, the makeup artist for loreal and Stephane Lancien the hairstylist who showcased new hairstyles and makeup looks that they had come up with just for this event. For the show, they did it big since they even set up screens for all the passersby to have a look at as they went on with their daily errands. They improved the quality of the production by using drones to film all that was shown on the screens they had taken time to set up. See This Page to learn more.