Neurocore: Brain Training And Better Living

We all either know someone who has had challenges with mental health, or possible even faced our own. While there are several options for treatment, the stigmas and misconceptions paired with the often outrageous cost of healthcare can make it difficult to seek help. Traditionally, those treatment options have included therapy, medication, or both.

Neurocore, a network of brain performance centers is looking for ways to bring other treatment options to the market. Founded in 2004, Neurocore uses Neurofeedback to treat patients with a variety of mental health issues, ranging from stress and anxiety to memory loss. Their belief is that by focusing on strengthening the brain, we can help lessen the effects of these conditions. Our brains are the center of our thoughts and feelings, therefore, with a stronger brain, virtually anything can be possible.

By understanding the impact that our brains have on these conditions we can create a treatment plan based on our own individual needs. Using Neurofeedback, Neurocore measures different parts of each clients brain activity. Sounds pretty fun, right? Actually, at Neurocore, it is. Clients watch a movie while hooked up to an EEG monitor. You can even bring in our favorite movie from home! The catch is, the movie will only play when your brain function is within the therapeutic range, and when your brain is out of range, so is the signal. Sessions last only 30 minutes, but within that time, studies show that your brain can subconsciously learn to remain within that therapeutic range, thus improving our overall brain function.

While medication remains the most commonly used form of treatment, research indicates that roughly 85% of patients saw improvements in their behavior and ability to focus. Neurocore is proud to be leaders in alternative options for those just starting out, and for those already on their way.

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