National Steel Car Transformation by Greg Aziz

National Steel Car is a company under the management of Greg Aziz. Greg Aziz is a top business executive in the country who has steered the company from 1994. He is the person behind the transformation of the National Steel Car . Before he came in, National steel car looked like it was finally collapsing after serving the engineering industry for almost a decade. However, the company was not done yet as Greg Aziz proved after he bought the company. He took the once struggling company and made it the leading company in a sector that was highly competitive.

Credit for the growth of the National Steel Car goes to Greg Aziz because he believed the company would perform well at a time when no one believed the possibility of it was ever coming back to business. It seemed like finally age had caught up with the company, but it was premature to write it off. Gregory Aziz saw the company as a good opportunity for him to prove he is a business genius. He was ready to take the struggling company and rebuild it afresh. He had a plan that would see the company operated just like any other 21st century. The plan was behind his motivation. He purchased the company with money he had saved while working for other businesses.

National Steel Car has a production capacity of over 12000 cars in a year. The transformational journey to get to this level was reached in just five years after he took over the leadership of the company. He has succeeded in doing what Dofasco had failed to do for many years. As the production capacity of the company went up, the workforce in the company also went up. The company needed to have more workers. Subsequently, Greg employed about 2000 workers for the company.

National Steel Car  is creating a positive impact in the community through the various initiatives that have been started by the National steel car. The company has employed a huge number of people from the area. This means that the economic development of the areas is boosted. Gregory has also been sponsoring various community-based initiatives meant to bring the people together.


Greg Aziz is the patron of an agricultural show meant to promote agricultural also in the area. The group is also engaging in charity work to assist the poor in the society. With people like Gregory Aziz, Hamilton is expected to offer good business environment.

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