National Steel Car Is On Top!

National Steel Car is the leading retailer of steel manufacturing companies for the freight trains that carry freight all throughout Northern America. Behind the mega company lies one single man. His name is Gregory James Aziz. Greg Aziz, or James Aziz, has been leading this monumental company into greatness ever since he took over and Chief Executive Officer in 1994 after its acquisition from its former owner DOFASCO. He has the power to grow this company internationally, but he mainly focuses on the Northern American region. His production has increased and doubled since he has been in leadership.


James Aziz takes pride in the quality of his freight trains and the workmanship shows this. He is admired for his work ethic and for being so driven for excellence. Aziz is a man that always goes above and beyond the call of duty. Since he has been the CEU production has risen from 4,000 cars to 12,000 cars! Greg graduated with a degree in 1971 and has since out this degree to good use. He has become the man behind the leading company of freight train manufacturing. What a field to lead! But steel was not always his clear path in life.


He actually came to New York City in the Late 80’s to jump onto wall street and try his hand n the financial banking field. he always had integrity and knew what was required for him to get the job done. He always went above and bond the call of duty to make sure he exceeded his expectations and that is why he deserves all the recognition. James Aziz has doubled the production and chances are that if you see a freight train you will see National steel car someplace on the side. 75% of the freight trains in this country were made by National Steel Car. That speaks volumes that one company was about to dominate this field and crush the competition so easily. They must be doing something right.


Aziz is a determined, creative man and we can all learn a lot from his work ethic and his team building strategies. To produce so many quality freight trains in such a short time span in un heard of and he deserves to be recognized for helping our economy stay stimulated and make sure our goods are headed for growth. He cares about the consumer market and he show that by producing perfect trains everyday he is on the job.


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