Marc Beer – recap

Marc Beer has strategically leveraged more than 25 years of commercialization and development experience in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, device and diagnostic industries into his current role as Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO at Renovia Inc. He successfully raised upwards of $42 million to fund Renovia Inc., a Boston-based medtech women’s health start-up. Currently, Marc Beer also serves as the Chairman of both Good Start Genetics and Minerva Neurosciences. He has worked with Good Start Genetics for over eight years; it is an information solutions company which delivers best-in-class genetics offerings to growing families. For more than four years, he has worked with Minerva Neurosciences which is a clincal-stage bio-pharmaceutical company focusing on the commercialization and development of a portfolio of product candidates for the treatment of central nervous system diseases. For seven years, he served as the founding Chief Executive Officer of ViaCell, Inc., which was a clincal-stage biotechnology company dedicated to enabling the widespread application of human cells as medicine. The company specialized in the preservation, collection and development of umbilical cord blood stem cells. ViaCell developed a pipeline of proprietary product candidates intended to address cancer, cardiac disease, diabetes and infertility; over a seven year period, Beer led the company from its creation into a legitimate commercial organization which was ultimately acquired in 2007 after going public. Beer also served as a strategic consultant to OvaScience, a Waltham biotechnology company which merged with Millendo Therapeutics.


Renovia Inc. develops therapeutic and diagnostic devices to treat various pelvic floor disorders like urinary incontinence. Researchers estimate that worldwide, pelvic floor disorders affect 250 million women. In order to ensure safety and optimal use of the new products, the $42 million is being used for developing and testing new products which treat women’s pelvic floor disorders. Renovia is discovering innovative medical technology and medical solutions combined with digital health to help women suffering from pelvic floor disorders. In April, Leva, which is Renovia’s first product, received its FDA approval. A new generation of the Leva devices is already in the development and testing process. An early investor of Renovia Inc. was The Longwood Fund. It is a leading healthcare-focused investing firm which shares in the vision that Renovia Inc. be focused on its work towards better diagnosing, treating, and improving the lives of millions of women affected by pelvic floor disorders. Giving customers valuable data from research will not only serve to drive greater knowledge and understanding of pelvic floor disorders, it will also inform new treatment options. Ultimately, Renovia Inc., strives to lower long-term healthcare costs for women that are potentially plagued with pelvic floor disorders.¬†Learn more :¬†