Louis Chenevert: Bad Attitude Could Kill Your Business

When it comes to advising on how to run a business and related activities, Louis Chenevert is the person to ask. Before retiring in 2014, Louis Chenevert had seen more than enough share of good and bad practices in the work-space. He had over two-decade experience working with many people and learned a lot in the process. He was a successful man and was able to work well with others.

Louis Chenevert numerous leadership positions helped him understand which buttons to push and which to avoid. One key element he fought hard to eliminate in his companies was a bad attitude among the employees. According to the entrepreneur, bad attitude could cause significant damage to any business if proper actions are not taken against it.

Spotting lousy behavior in an employee is hard for any organisation. Most of the employees pretend to be nice for a couple of months before letting their true colors shine. Because employers spend little time with the employees, it becomes even harder to spot. Bad employees will stir up lousy behavior the work-space they might lead to low production, lazing around the office and also missing out work. Louis Chenevert explains that bad behavior spreads slowly from one employee to the next until all employees start acting out.

Bad attitude and other bad behaviors start when an employee begins treating customers harshly or rudely, always having a negative outlook on company operations, doing wrong things in the name of ” it was a mistake” and eventually increase sick days. Louis Chenevert advocates it is best to deal with such people before the organisation tumbles into pieces.

Louis Chenevert urges employers to check internal affairs in the organisations regularly. By keeping a track on activities with the company, the employer will know who is causing trouble in the company. However, it is essential for all employers to exercise due diligence before firing an employee. One should conduct enough research before accusing or firing their employee. It is also important to try and get to the roots of the problem t avoid a re-occurrence in the future.