Kamil Idris and The Drastic IP Issue

Over the past years globalization has brought about multiple problems for varying nations. On of the more recent issues to take center stage is that of intellectual property theft. Professor Kamil Idris addresses this consequences of globalization on well developed countries such as the United States and some actions that can be taken to mitigate the risk of international trade.

It can be observed that globalization has positive effects for smaller less developed nations in that ideas and science is shared. However for the advanced nations that are in the international economy, globalization has taken its toll. It should be noted that due to globalization with China and the United States, the security of our domestic economy and borders are in question. Because of the design of the Chinese government, US company that wish to do business with the nation need to sign over a portion of the company to come to a deal. The issue deepens when you find out that China has attempted gaining access to secret documents regarding United States weaponry and technology. Indeed the issue worsens when national security and global dominance is put in question.

Professor Kamil Idris urges nations that engage in globalization to secure intellectual property for these reasons. In the past few years intellectual property has become one of the most important protectorates to a secure nation. As technology’s advance and become more powerful in design we need to have a better grasp on those documents and patents. He states that country’s should focus more one reinforcing IP infrastructure. By hiring and professionals in this field and developing infrastructures that allow for more security.

In order to become or stay at the top of the global economy, securing intellectual property should be taken very seriously. Professor Kamil Idris believes these threats created by globalization will only increase in the future. Therefore it is important for developing countries to have a grasp on their intellectual property. Richer more developed country’s control patent purchasing. This means poorer country’s are left behind due to centralized control.

You can sell how the negative relationship between globalization and Intellectual property play out. Professor Kamil Idris gave great insight to this new issue. The effects of globalization on intellectual property are unparalleled and should be taken into consideration.