Jojo Hedaya and Success

Jojo Hedaya is a young entrepreneur that’s making waves in the digital world. He was able to address a problem that most people face with email, too much junk email. The 24-year-old co-founded Unroll.Me, a software used to organize your email. The idea came about when the business partners, Jojo Hedaya, and Josh Rosenwald, had trouble locating each other’s emails.


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The two met as exchange students studying abroad in Israel. Their rabbi knew they’d hit it off right away. Not only were they the only two in their group to use international Blackberrys, but their birthdays are also on the same date. December 30, 1989.

Both faced adversity while in their undergraduate programs. Instead of pursuing graduation, they founded their own successful tech company. The two tech innovators know that their idea of email organization isn’t a new one, they sought to provide the most-simple solution for users. While most email services offer an unsubscribe function, it isn’t as user-friendly as Unroll.Me’s. The streamlined process that JoJo Hedaya headed makes him one of the brightest entrepreneurs in the game.

Hedaya noted that 80% of the emails we receive are irrelevant to our needs. They include newsletters, subscriptions, and updates. allows you to go through your list of email subscriptions and pick out the ones you want to keep. You can even schedule the moment these emails hit your inbox. You can set it for any time of the day. Josh Hedaya aimed to make his product easy to use for everyone.

As far as success goes, Jojo Hedaya has an easy formula. He focuses on simplifying services and products for the average user. He also spoke on how complacency can lead to waste and that you should always be in a state of learning. He also stressed on trusting your own ability. wouldn’t have been as successful if he didn’t have faith in his own strength as an entrepreneur.