Jingdong Establishes The Blueprint For Sustainable Retail Practice

China is facing an environmental emergency. The country is home to the largest population in the world, and it’s also arguably the world’s largest polluter. But some companies are looking to make a change for the better and use their muscle to create a new, more sustainable model for the future. JD.com is taking some important steps to set the standards for a more ecologically conscious business model, and they could become a leader in new, sustainable models.


The growing retail market in China has been facilitated by JD.com, otherwise known as Jingdong – one of the largest two e-commerce chains in the region. While Chinese residents a quarter century ago would be loath to throw away anything of value, the increase in disposable products has made a tenable model of recycling significantly more difficult than it once was. One of JD’s key initiatives is targeting the supply chain. A major key of this approach is by giving customers the ability to return their delivery boxes for recycling, but JD.com is also taking steps to make all products used in the packing process more reusable.


Another key contributor to pollution in the supply chain are the vehicles on the road, and JD.com is taking a move to reduce their carbon footprint. Over the past few years, they’ve converted 5,000 of their traditional delivery vehicles to new energy alternatives, and the plan is to convert hundreds of thousands more in the next few years. Just as important, they’re trying to get more use out of their mileage. Their new model allows drivers to pick up used goods at the same time they deliver new ones. They’re even working with their retail partners to ensure that everyone involved in the process is taking measures towards more sustainable practices. Go Here for related Information.


What JD.com is doing is a positive and necessary step towards creating a healthy world, but it’s just the start. To combat the risks of climate change, more companies will have to start adopting new models of doing business, and everyone from individuals to governments will have to join together to be more conscientious about their practices of consumption.


In the recent company’s blog “JD Delivery Stations Get Smart Ahead Of CES Debut”, JD has talked about the launch of two smart delivery stations in the cities of Changsha and Hohhot, strengthening the e-commerce giant’s autonomous logistics capabilities.


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