Jason Hope: The Caring Entrepreneur

Jason Hope has always cared about facilitating the growth of technology. In fact, with the recent explosion of IOT devices and digital currency he feels that companies should be more vigilant than ever over their technologies. In a recent article written for Dailyforexreport.com, Hope explains the importance of these technologies and the need to respect their limitations. By looking to the future and exploring the weaknesses in these technologies, Hope explains that manufacturers may be able to curb a growing security threat. IOT technologies have become vital to everyday life. Often people are not aware of how big of a role they play. The IOT, or internet of things, is a network of physical devices that are connected to one another, making it possible for them to communicate and exchange data. This means that an IOT device can be a cell phone, a watch, or even an IOT capable refrigerator. Hope explains that while these devices are essential, they also have proven to be a valuable source of information for hackers. In fact, in the past two years, instances of vicious botnet attacks have been on the rise as hackers mine for information from these devices. Hope explains that to grow with the technology, manufactures and programmers should work on ways to improve their security, and learn more about Jason Hope.

In addition to his concern over the security of this technology, Hope is also interested in persevering it in the future. To facilitate this, Hope is a very generous and active philanthropist in his field. He is always looking for new opportunities to invest and even sponsors a grant program for young business professionals. Hope explains that one should never underestimate the impact of even $500 on the success of someone in the business industry. In addition to his work within the business community, Hope also donates generously to medical research focusing on technological advances. This shows that he is always looking out for the greater good of humanity when it comes to technology in the future.

Ground-breaking study identified a new link between #inflammation, #cell #division @ScienceDaily @OfficialUoM https://t.co/rcSFsWKGFi

— Jason Hope (@JasonHope) May 17, 2016

Through all of this, Hope relies on his education from Arizona State University and his growing portfolio of business. After obtaining his undergraduate degree in Finance, Hope obtained his MBA from W.P. Carey School of Business also located at ASU. He uses this experience to help guide him as he works his way through the business world. Surely, Hope will be a growing voice in the future security of vital technology.