Jacob Gottlieb and his Role in Expanding Altium Capital

The businessman is a certified financial analyst. He has focused on investing in the health industry over the years. According to Jacob Gottlieb, the sector is experiencing a positive growth rate and has attracted more investments. He is the pioneer of several ventures including a New York-based fund called Altium Capital.

The main objective of the venture is to facilitate the growth of healthcare startups in the country. Gottlieb’s focus will be on companies that are developing advanced medical solutions. Through Altium Capital, healthcare firms such as the Oramed and Oragenics have been funded to work several inventions.

After receiving some funding from Altium Capital, Oramed developed an oral product designed for diabetes patients to replace the earlier one which was only administered to the patients through an injection. In return, the New York-based company acquired a 5.61% stake in the pharmaceutical company.

Oramed has also developed other products which have been approved by the relevant authorities and released into the market. The firm consists of a management team with vast experience in the industry. New product development is spearheaded by a group of world-class scientists.

Amaris has also been funded by Altium Capital. The pharmaceutical firm is based in New Jersey. The company has been experiencing a positive growth rate for years now and has been recognized for offering innovative products to its clients who mainly suffer from cardiovascular problems. One of the products that have been released by Amarin is known as Vascepa and was approved by the relevant authorities in 2012.

The other organization that has partnered with Altium Capital is Oragenics. The company has been operational for more than two decades now and focuses on replacement therapy. The practice involves replacement of bacteria that may be harmful to the body with beneficial ones that will not harm you.