Isabel dos Santos Encourages Africa’s Young Women To Join The Great Family Of Entrepreneurs

Most women in Africa do not feel empowered in the world of business and Isabel dos Santos is doing everything that she can to change this. As the richest women in Africa and the daughter of the late president of Angola, she is grateful to be in a position to help others. Isabel dos Santos was never told that she couldn’t do the same things that men could and was shocked to find out that other women throughout the world and Africa, in particular, were told otherwise.

In her home country of Africa, she spends a lot of time speaking to young women and children to empower and encourage them to seek a career as an entrepreneur. She has made a success out of herself in the world of business and has made substantial investments into Africa to help foster growth. Isabel dos Santos wants to see more entrepreneurs throughout Africa, especially women entrepreneurs, and invites the people that she speaks with to join their “great family”. With hard work, motivation, and support, she believes that women throughout the world can show that they are capable of doing anything that men can in the world of business.

Isabel dos Santos is proud of the education that she was able to receive and understands that many people in Africa do not have the opportunity to receive such opportunities. This is why a lot of the philanthropy of Isabel dos Santos is focused on helping the children of Africa receive the education that they need to achieve great things. While there may be a lot of barriers to success in Africa, Isabel dos Santos is working on planting the seeds to help others overcome them.

Achieving these goals of being an entrepreneur can be difficult. Isabel dos Santos encourages the students that she speaks with to set subgoals in order to reach their final business dreams. Focusing on achieving these subgoals and then celebrating the smaller accomplishments can help people get the confidence that they need to keep pushing forward even when things look difficult. Through investing and business, she has become one of the first female billionaires on the entire confident and wants other women to reach the billionaire status as well.

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