How OSI Group Plans To Go Sustainable

Sustainability is a big word being thrown around. Often times, it is referred to maintaining environmental and ecological resources. The market is demanding companies to be more responsible with their operations and the way they create their products. The heads of major corporations have heard this demand. OSI Group being a top food provider is not going to fall short of meeting the demands of the market. Under the leadership of OSI Group’s CEO, the company is geared to be a bigtime supplier of producing food with sustainable methods. Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer and chairman of OSI Group. He has been working for the food supplier for three decades. He has been with the company during its highest and lowest moments. He knows exactly what it takes to lead a company forward.

Therefore, he is ready and prepared to take the company to a sustainable operating company. OSI Group has always been a company that aimed higher. The company began a century ago when a German immigrant settled in Chicago, Illinois. The company was a family business that garnered many customers and became a local sensation. The founder’s sons eventually took over the company. They were able to transform a small meat market into a franchising meat business. Decades later this company has become known as one of the largest food suppliers in the world known as OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin is going to implement new ways for his company to become sustainable. Going sustainable is the next big move for this food company. The CEO is focused on making sure his company does not leave a harmful environmental footprint behind. His company has dozens of facilities in several countries. Great amounts of development and research has caused this company to get itself in position to run its operations more efficiently for the environment. They plan to mange food production facilities better, make the welfare of animals a priority, follow meat standards, safeguard their products and always deliver excellence to customers. They are welcoming sustainability into their business plans to better effect the planet, animals and people.