How Liu Qiangdong Has Immensely Contributed To The Retail Sector

  1. Richard Liu Qiangdong founded It is the largest Chinese e-commerce company, and he is the acting CEO of the firm. Richard Liu was born in China. Richard was encouraged by his parents always to work hard and ensured they gave him an appropriate education. They always encouraged Liu Qiangdong to ensure that he excelled in all that he did.


Liu Qiangdong took lessons on a curriculum on Sociology at The Peoples University in China after he completed his secondary school. It is during this time that he realized the significance of expanding his career base so that to become a competitive person for employment in the future. He trained himself on computer coding and also computer science studies.


He was first employed as a natural supplement supplier in Japan. This was where he got his first experience in the business venture. Richard Liu Qiangdong portrayed excellent skills as he had previously learned and brought about more significant growth opportunities. He eventually became the company’s director.


Richard Liu left Japan Life with the purpose of pursuing his passion for entrepreneurship. He focused on providing ideal service to his customers and utilizing technology to reform business activities. The competition he faced was quite stiff, but he only focused on selling authorized products. Liu Qiangdong provided high quality and genuine products that help him to earn the loyalty and trust of his customers who highly depended on these products. Richard Liu made sure that his business attained continuous success and development.


Liu is flexible and adapts to change easily. The outbreak of SARS brought about changes that were to be incorporated in all retail businesses. Richard Liu adapted to the marketplace changes easily. He saw this as a great chance to expand his business venture to the only major in e-commerce.


JD.Com Company mainly focuses on the service they give to their customers. Richard Liu sees the importance of providing everyday necessities to remote places. He, therefore, utilizes the advanced technology to eliminate the shipping problems that have been facing many competitive companies. JD.Com Company currently operates in a way that they can deliver services to over a billion people within the same day or the next day.


As the Chief Executive Officer Richard Liu ensures that he is involved in the day to day operations of the business, advancing technology and other parts to enhance the success of the company.


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