Gregory James Aziz’s Plan For Success


Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Gregory James Aziz, born 1949, now owns National Steel Car. Prior to purchasing the company, Aziz worked for a family based food distribution company called Affiliated Foods. He then moved to New York City, pursuing a career in investment banking. Over a decade later, Aziz completed the purchase of National Steel Car, finally striking a deal with the company’s previous owner Dofasco. For his money, Aziz received enough hardware and infrastructure for endless possibilities. With new funding, National Steel Car was able to not only continue running, it prospered. When Dofasco owned the company it only produced 3,500 units annually; Gregory Aziz was able to up production to 12,000 by 1999. Additional employees were also hired. Dofasco had only 600 members on board; Gregory Aziz raised the employee count to 3,000.


Greg Aziz attended Ridley College then the University of Western Ontario, studying economics at both institutions. His education, experience with Affiliated Foods, and his success in New York made it possible for him to acquire National Steel Car and lead it out of a crisis. The decisions made with the company resulted in production being tripled and profits seeing new heights. Gregory Aziz is also the Chairman of National Industries. National Steel Car has been able to make great innovations in the industry since being purchased by National Steel Car.


Greg Aziz also contributes to his community. He is a contributor to theatrical productions, making shows possible at the Hamilton Opera and Theater Aquarius. Along with his wife, Aziz sponsors an annual winter agricultural festival too. The company also holds a food drive during Christmas. Everyone from the workers to the staff participates. See This Page for additional information on Greg Aziz.


As for the company itself, its main facility is in Hamilton, Ontario. The community often benefits from sponsored events held by the company, such as barbecues. These events are a way for the company to engage with the community. Gregory Aziz and National Steel Car understand that keeping their employees happy isn’t restricted to the workplace. They need to make sure they are enjoying their personal lives too. In fact, it’s one of the most important reasons why National Steel car remains successful.