Gregory James Aziz: Running the Engineering and Manufacturing Industry

There are two things every company operating in a dynamic industry needs to survive: technology and good customer relationships. Both of these things are equally important because no company can survive with just one. The best engineers can’t run a company with no customers, and people skills don’t matter when there are no products to sell.


Mastery of both of these necessities is what makes National Steel Car one of the best in the business. Thanks to the companies many passionate and committed personnel, the company’s been able to maintain positive customer relationships. Its use of technology and innovative thinkers allowed it to produce high-quality for the past 100 years. Visit This Page to learn more.


One thing everyone knows about National Steel Car is that it has an effective list of high standards. Most companies lose or change its standards as time goes on, but National Steel maintains its original promise to itself and to its customers.


Currently, it’s up to Gregory J. Aziz to preserve those standards. Greg Aziz is one of the most brilliant CEOs that ran the company in the last hundred years. Everything that Aziz does is for the greater good of the company.


Under Aziz’s leadership, the company’s developed a more family atmosphere. The employees don’t see their jobs as jobs; they see them as places to challenge themselves. National Steel now depends on determination, trust, and commitment to produce the best products. It’s no longer just about meeting quotas or deadlines.


Speaking of deadlines, since Aziz has taken over, the company hasn’t missed a single deadline. Somehow, Greg Aziz raised National Steel’s reputation even higher than it was before. For more than a decade, National Steel’s been awarded the TTX SECO every single year. Aziz will never say it, but it’s because of him.


Gregory J Aziz is a naturally humble man who loves giving credit to those who truly deserve it. The cornerstone of any company is its people, but for National Steel Car, in particular, it’s the community those people come from. Hamilton, Ontario is the community that built National Steel Car.

Today, over 2000 residents work at the company. It’s important to Gregory J Aziz to give back whenever possible. National Steel regularly participates in numerous food drives and supports local landmarks in the Hamilton area. Matter of fact, Greg and his wife also regularly sponsor the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.