Gregory Aziz Is Maintaining His Business While Bringing More Changes To The Fleets Being Made


With the increase of crops in Western Canada, there is an increase in demand for more grain hopper cars to be produced. One company that is working to help increase the number of cars being produced is National Steel Car. Since the start of the rail car assembly plant in 1912, there has been an increase in the number of people hired by the company to work and an increase in the changes being made to rail cars.

The number of rail cars being made by National Steel Car, the passing of the Bill C-49 which covers the transportation modernization act, and the increase in revenue, National Steel Car is living up to its very own reputation.

The new cars being made under the National Steel Car business will bring to light the new 55 foot grain hopper cars that will allow for close to 5500 cubic feet in capacity to be covered. The contract will begin with the rail cars to be made and delivered over the course of the next 2 years. Go Here for more information.

Gregory Aziz is the CEO of National Steel Car and has helped to bring the name to the top of the freight train world. It has been under his direction that the industry has been able to be awarded a variety of awards linked to the TTX SECO award.

With the newer cars being made, the older cars which range in age of at least 30 years will be able to be retired. It will allow for the newer cars to phased out while bringing on the newer, more advanced hopper cars. The average for the CN owned fleet has reports of cars being more than 30 years old on average.

The new hopper cars are going to be able to carry a larger capacity than the late models. Not only are the models going to be better, but they will also be efficient and reliable. Gregory James Aziz knows firsthand how the changing times can be difficult to keep up with in a business like this. He however has not let that hold him down from creating a fleet that can meet up with the changing times.

For National Steel Car, Gregory James Aziz will be responsible for hiring more than 300 new employees to work out of the Hamilton assembly plant. Overall the number of new jobs that will be created for National Steel is over 550 new hires. Prior to the latest contract being held, the number of employees already working out of the Hamilton assembly plant was more than 1500 people. Now with the latest contract in place, there will be over 2000 employees working out of the assembly plant.

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