Flavio Maluf Shares The Importance Of Forests Through A Sustainability Plan

Flavio Maluf is a São Paulo businessman who is the owner and chief executive officer of Ecuatex. His company is one of the largest of its type in Brazil. They grow eucalyptus trees and use them to build flooring, partitions, panels, partitions, and wood fiber sheets. They also produce varnishes and paints. They have a sustainable business model and take their environmental responsibilities seriously.

His company was established in 1951. They started to take sustainability seriously in the 1960s by buying land and reforesting it. This gave them a steady supply of raw material while helping the environment. Flavio Maluf has his company headquartered in São Paulo while the land his company owns is spread out across Brazil. He created an initiative called the Environment Education Program which teaches public school students all about sustainability and the importance of forests. Read more on botucatuonline.com

Flavio Maluf also believes in greening up urban environments. His program has planted trees in urban parks and along ecological trails. He plants forests in degraded areas where the land can recover from having trees planted on it. His program teaches people about how to correctly manage a forest and the important role that eucalyptus trees play.

He is also focused on preventing forest fires and so preserving forests. During Brazil’s long dry season forests are brown to breaking out in fire. Flavio Maluf invests in firebreaks which are designed to prevent fires from being able to spread. He also has fire awareness plans that he funds and set up an 0800 number that people can call when they see a fire.

Flavio Maluf is a graduate of New York University where he earned a business administration degree. It was after earning this degree that he returned to Brazil and gradually took over the family business. He also founded a dog food company several years ago.

Website: https://flaviomalufoficial.com/