Financier and Manager-Sheldon Lavin

Ever since he began his career Sheldon Lavin has made big achievements in both the finance and the food processing industry. Lavin did not make it in the business as well as the career field at once but his journey has been step by step and he has been devoted to achieving his dreams and goals in life. For over 43 years Sheldon Lavin has had a vast experience and skills he has gained in both the employment sector and as a business person. Mr. Lavin began his career serving as an investment banker a dream he had since he was young.

In 1970 Sheldon Lavin began his involvement in the food processing industry specializing in meat processing. He got the opportunity when he helped to finance for Otto & Sons which is an innovator for OSI Industries LLC. During the time he was acting as a financier of the organizations; Otto & Sons was busy developing a meat handling office and this gave Mr. Sheldon an opportunity of becoming a hamburger supplier to McDonald Corporation and he was located in the Midwest. At first, the bank had advised Lavin to get a place of ownership with Otto and Sons but Mr. Sheldon did not buy the idea due to the difference in his specialization. Later Lavin agreed and in 1975 he got involved with the two sons of Otto when their father retired and when the Macdonald hamburgers were on high demand Lavin decided to join the OSI Industries LLC and work with them full-time and his Linkedin.

Sheldon Lavin is the current Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Industries LLC which is a meat processing Company based in Chicago. Mr. Lavin has been serving in the organization for more than 40 years now and ever since he became the Chief Executive officer and the Chairman of the organization, the firm has been experiencing tremendous growth with them becoming an international food supply and processing company. The firm has been working hand in hand with their associate organizations which include; OSI International Foods LLC, and OSI Industries LLC among others. Among the responsibilities given to Sheldon is to manage the over 2000 workers of the meat processing company who are distributed all over the world. He takes pride in the management of the staff as well as the culture of the meat firm. Sheldon Lavin is not the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of the meat firm but also hold other top leadership positions which include; the general trustee of Rush University Medical Center, and he was a former Director of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and learn more about Sheldon Lavin.

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