Eucatex Rise To Prominence

Flavio Maluf was born on 2nd December 1961. He graduated as a mechanical engineer from Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP) Brazil. Flavio Maluf also perused a business administration degree from New York University. Despite being born into a wealthy family, he has worked hard, and through exceptional business,he proficiently created wealth and built an empire. He is a renowned entrepreneur, the president and CEO of the Eucatex Group.

Maluf began working for Citicorp and Grandfood Group after graduation, which he serves as the president. He started working at Eucatex in 1987 working both the trade and the industrial section. Flavio Maluf was later appointed to the administration by his uncle. In 1997 he was chosen to become the president of the company. The Eucatex group has been in existence since 1951. The company’s mandate is to supply building materials such as doors and panels, paints, furniture, laminated floors, baseboards, wall partitions and vinyl floors among others. For more information about Flavio, view his crunchbase profile.

Eucatex products and manufacturing process is all environment-friendly. Maluf has kept the culture of keeping it green since the company inception. It is the only company in South America to integrate a recycling plant in the factory. The recycling plant creates energy from the waste from the factory. The company is using the most advanced technology in this age to manufacture the best quality of their products. The Group exports its products to the United Kingdom, United States, Mexico and a handful of countries globally with branches in some countries.

The company has risen and grown under the leadership of Flavio Maluf. In recent times Eucatex has acquired Duratex a known maker of building panels. Mr. Flavio supports society through an array of activities. He contributes to charity mostly funding healthy organizations with low funds. He also advises entrepreneurs, managers and the industry at large.

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