Donata Meirelles on How to Dress for Different Weather

People describe fashion differently, but we all know someone fashionable when we see one. Donata Meirelles knows this all too well. However, according to her, fashion and style do not start with what is externally visible, but what is on the inside. As such, it is vital for you to love yourself for who you are.

When it comes to the facial area, a lot can be done to boost your confidence in your basic look. To begin with, take good care of your skin. For this, she recommends Chanel products which she says work well. For the eye region, go for Le Lift firmer which the company’s makeup artists greatly recommend. Hydra Beauty, still from Chanel, also works well for dry lips. Additionally, go through the whole range of Chanel products for the complete makeup look. At the end of the day, grab hold of the company’s two-phase makeup remover to clear your skin and give it room to breathe. Check out forbes to know more about Donata.

Donata Meirelles also knows a lot when it comes to outfits you should be looking for. During the summer, handmade crochet outfits such as skirts and dresses from Vanessa Montoro should give you an edge over other people in the fashion department.

Additionally, the clothes are very stylish and allow for free flow of air, which as we all know, is more than welcome during the summer heat. Most people find it hard to dress fashionably during winter. If anything, people are usually just focused on keeping warm and throw all sense of style out. Well, the trick if you do not want to put so much thought into what you want to wear is to go for a classic look. The classic trench coat should keep you warm while adding an air of finesse to your look. The classic handbag also comes in handy during this time. With perfect finishing and the classic shape, this bag pairs well with pretty much any outfit. It can also carry a lot of clutter. Therefore, you do not have to worry about leaving some of your things behind. Add a colored scarf to complete your look and also to brighten your mood.

If you like experimenting with your wardrobe, Donata Meirelles recommends the 80s look. The 80s focused on metal laminates, embroidery, and laminates — the range of materials you can pick from range from metallic to lurex. However, the great thing about these outfits is they could be worn during the day and easily make the transition to night wear. By adding a couple of fashionable rings to your fingers, you are set to enjoy the nightlife while looking incredibly stylish.

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