Decades of Experience Puts Jennifer Walden Ahead of the Pack

Few qualities are more important for a cosmetic surgeon than experience. What could be more essential for someone working on your physical appearance than having a comprehensive understanding of what they’re doing? Jennifer Walden ranks as one of the most experienced cosmetic surgeons in the country, and as such has amassed a clientele and body of work few other can claim to have. Having worked in the industry for nearly three decades, whether or not Walden is one of the best need not be questioned. Board certified, and the recipient of dozens of awards, Walden is the premier surgeon for the discerning client and learn more about Walden.

Walden has a laundry list of titles and accolades to her name. The salutatorian of her class, Walden was a top tier surgeon from the get-go. Not long after, Walden received the Herman Barnett memorial award. These achievements span thirty years, meaning Walden has a body of work few can claim for themselves. Walden is affiliated with dozens of hospitals and cosmetic surgery boards across the country. Perhaps even more distinguishing, Walden can count herself among the 850 working female cosmetic surgeons in the country. An incredible distinction when considering nearly ninety percent of the field consists of men and more information click here.

Having recently relocated to Austin, Texas from New York, Walden has already made huge strides in the area. Having been featured in Texas Super Doctors three years in a row, Walden’s work is already being singled out amongst a fiercely competitive field. Specializing in aesthetic breast augmentation and facial surgery, the competition is practically flooding out the door. Incredibly, Walden still stands out amongst the pack. With unique insight to her clienteles individual wants and potential insecurities, Walden is also distinctly personable in a field where professionals are often cold and sterile. Ultimately, Walden is without question amongst the finest working cosmetic surgeons in the country and Walden’s lacrosse camp.