Commemorating Earth Day (2019) At The Grace Farms Foundation With Sharon Prince


Sharon Prince is the founder and the president of the Sharon Prince Grace Farms Foundation. Prince has created the culture of regularly sharing her thoughts concerning thoughtful spaces through the Grace Farms Blog that has a large online following.


A look at the work Sharon Prince has been involved in goes a long way in showing that hopeful spaces can be used to inspire change in the real world. Prince also discovered that hopeful spaces could also be used to propel education, conversation, and insight through thoughtful design, symbiotic flow, and a healthy relationship with nature.


Grace Farms provides an intentional connection between the outdoors and the indoors that is complemented by our intention to forge a peaceful and welcoming environment that is conducive in stimulating new perspectives.


Since inception, the Sharon Prince Grace Farms has been a shining beacon of hope while calling unto various patrons to participate in the wonders of the foundation. Earth Day provides a springboard for a season of education, growth, and exploration.


The commemoration of Earth Day (2019) at the Grace Farms Foundation will see a unique collaborative effort with a body known as The Nature Conservancy. The collaborative effort will see various individuals be invited to participate in numerous expert-led discussions, talks, and informational sessions. There are also numerous family-friendly activities that have been designed to commemorate Earth Day 2019. The Grace Farms Foundation will be holding the annual edition of its Earth Day celebrations on April 27th from 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.


During last year’s Earth Day celebrations, Mark Fowler, the current Nature Initiative Director at Grace Farms Foundation stated that the future of conservation entails the preservation of private and open spaces for wildlife habitats. It is worth noting that open spaces and immediate access to nature are essential factors that affect the quality of life amongst individuals. Find Related Information Here.


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