Clayton Hutson: Sound Engineer and Jack of All Music Trades

Clayton Hutson known as a jack of all trades in the music business. He’s a sound engineer, a music project manager, and designer of concerts for top artists such as Garbage, Kid Rock and Guns N’ Roses. He runs his own music firm which specializes in engineering, managing and designing rock concerts.

Huston isn’t afraid of taking on long projects or working long hours to ensure that an artist puts on an ace performance. His reputation among artists is that of a creative professional, and in a business where word of mouth stature is important, he uses this to attract new clients.

During a concert, Hutson’s day begins at the crack of dawn. He arrives at the venue at 6:30 am and begins by inspecting the venue. He first creates a layout of how he wants the concert to go, he then creates a to-do list for his crew to prepare for the show, finally he has his crew set up decorations and equipment needed for the show. He is a firm believer in double checking his crew’s work, as he wants to make sure no issues; safety or performance wise arise during the show.

Aside from safety, Hutson also focuses on incorporating new technologies and performance trends into concerts. Modern lights are smaller and more mobile allowing him to achieve different light settings, many artists also use video projections, a few artists even incorporate dancers and acrobats to perform during songs. He works to ensure that a concert can have all of these things and do it safely.

Since he is always on the move, Clayton Hutson conducts most of his business from his phone. He makes excellent use of calling, texting, email and drop box to keep up with artists and venues.

With his love and passion for music the Nashville sound engineer will continue to work in the music industry for years to come. Working hard is important to Clayton Hutson and he will work hard to ensure that any artist will be able to put on a performance to remember.