Brought together by food, held together by love, a look at the Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor’s relationship

When two people fall in love, it is often for the typical reasons, but for Ryan Seacrest and Shayna Taylor, it was their love for food. During an interview with People Magazine Ryan Seacrest says that even though Shayna’s beauty and intelligence were what struck him first, he fell in love with her, even more, when she told him that she makes excellent gluten-free pancakes on their first date.

The couple moved to New York City late last year after Seacrest was asked to co-host Live with Kelly and Ryan show. During the interview, they say that they have excellent food chemistry. However, their bond goes beyond food as they have the same passion for fitness, health, and wellness.

Ryan and Shayna on moving in

Both Shayna and Ryan are happy about their decision. Shayna says that moving in together is not only fun but also gives them a chance to begin a new chapter together.

Shayna is a trained chef who grew up in Corona. She grew up listening and watching Seacrest and adds that living together is easy.

However, like many other relationships, things have not always been smooth sailing for the pair. For instance, they had broken up for a long time but got back together in late 2014. Nevertheless, they admit that the break up was beneficial as it enabled them to mature up.

They have been together since, and despite their tight schedules, the two always ensure they create time for each other. For instance, they wake up at least one hour earlier than they used to in the past so they can spend time together. Some of their favorite activities together include yoga, tango, and boxing.

What about the future?

The lovely pair also talks about their future. They say that as much as family is of the essence, for now, their hearts and lives are incredibly full; hence not focused on what the future has to offer. In other words, the pair lives for the moment.

Who is Ryan Seacrest?

Ryan is one of the big names in the media arena. He has been part of this world since he was a teenager as he got his first show at the age of 16 years at WSTR. He holds a degree in journalism from the University of Georgia. He has been a co-host on American Idol, American junior and many others. He also hosts radio shows such as live with Kelly and Ryan and on air with Ryan.

Besides the world of media, Ryan owns other businesses. These include Ryan Seacrest distinction, a renowned men apparel line and Polish, a skin-care products company. His passion for children also saw him establish the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which aims at making their lives better through entertainment based education initiatives.