Bob Reina and Talk Fusion Take on Business Innovation and Helping Others

When most of us find that our jobs have bound us, both in earnings and time, we try to look for better and more convenient jobs. Other opportunities can come although hardly, and that is what happened to Bob Reina after working for ten years as a police officer. He tried to find the answer to paycheck and time limitations, and that is when he came across a friend who introduced him to network marketing.


Bob realized that he could build a team and apply the team members’ efforts and time to fuel his life goals. Though he tried several times and failed in his team building efforts, he took a personal experience in 2004 and turned it into a business idea. He wanted to email a short video of a house he wanted to buy in North Carolina to his family, but that was not possible according to AOL.


He decided to tackle the challenge, and that is when he called an IT specialist Dr. Jonathan Chen who was also his buddy, and together they started Video Email. This would go on to become Talk Fusion Flagship project. Bob Reina did not worry about marketing the business. He applied the direct selling model that became very successful. Bob was determined to use innovation to come up with a company based on longevity for other people.


Despite his previous struggles with network marketing, Talk Fusion was successful faster because it was a problem-solving business that came with a better solution than others. Bob Reina has taken Talk Fusion through a series of video communication products that are results-driven which have been used by clients in over 140 countries.


Bob Reina is a former police officer who is the owner and CEO of Talk Fusion. He is a social corporate and responsible leader who has given back to the community in different endeavors. He is connected with SPCA Florida where they have helped disaster victims such as tsunami victims in Japan and earthquake victims in Nepal. Moreover, he donated $1 million to the Tampa Humane Society in aid of low-cost vet clinics. Talk Fusion has a servant leader in Bob Reina who has donated to local sports teams purchasing uniforms for them. Learn more: