Bhanu Choudhrie on C&C Alpha Group’s Aviation

Bhanu Choudhrie is the president of C&C Alpha Group. C&C Alpha Group was established in 2002 and works as a firm that holds individual groups of investors who deal with capital funds investments. He comes from one of the richest families, the Choudhrie Clan, in India. His residences tail to Belgravia, London. His father, Sudhir, is famous for being a substantial contributor to Liberal Democrats Political Party, UK. Sudhir is also known to be the leading arms distributor in India.

Choudhrie is focused on helping with the provision of investment approaches that will help grow the firm’s entrepreneurships with the aim of increasing the business potential. C&C Alpha Group has its headquarters in London. It is based on real estate, agriculture, healthcare, utilities, hospitality and aviation. It also owns an advisory department that provides their services to potential business investors.

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Bhanu Choudhrie investment strategies are designed to model those of United States’ Finance Icon, Warren Buffet. Bhanu Choudhrie admires Buffet’s energy and the ability to make important decisions despite being at the age of 88 years. C&C Alpha Group aviation institution is based in Sharjah. Known as Alpha Aviation Academy, it helps in the training of pilots who fly airlines. It also assigns its latest pilot recruits to Air Arabia UAE Airline.

The Sharjah based institution trains pilot recruits totaling to 120. C&C Alpha Group also has another aviation school based in the Philippines which has a total of 500 pilot recruits. The pilot education fee is 162 thousand dollars with the training period going up to one year and ten months. The airlines fly across Asia. Bhanu Choudhrie discloses that the aviation department brings in 15 percent of the UAE Airline’s yearly Gross Domestic Product.

C&C Alpha Group is making moves to open op another aviation base in Europe. The school is expected to target the market in South East Asia, United States, Cambodia and Vietnam. It is also expected to train 340 pilot recruits and have a total of 320,330 Airbuses. The firm also aims to achieve gender equality in the pilots as the airline has only three female pilots globally.

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