Betsy DeVos: Grace, Class, Integrity, and Power

Many people mistake Betsy DeVos’ polite nature for weakness or ineptitude. However, those who know her understand what a fierce warrior she is when battling for her community and country. In her current position, United States Secretary of Education, she has become known battling for what she believes in even if others disagree.


She showed her dedication to her ideals when President Trump rescinded a policy that allowed transgender students to use the bathroom corresponding to the gender with which they identify. Insiders knew that Betsy DeVos did not agree with this move, though she did not indicate this publicly. She did, however, meet with a gay and transgender representative in the education system to warn them of what was coming.


Some Michigan locals say that the Betsy DeVos that they know is not the one they see in Washington. They have seen her family’s generosity throughout the community, especially education, for over 30 years. However, many know that know her best recognize that though she is polite and classy, she is also fierce, and tenacious.


Betsy DeVos’ integrity and passion have been her defining qualities over her adult life. Over her career in Michigan politics she fought to better the education system for the youth of the state. She believes that using funds for privately run charter schools instead of continuing to give most funds to public schools is a way to fix our education system.


Opponents see this as a way to undermine public education. Despite this opposition, Betsy DeVos battled to install and nurture charter schools and voucher systems to widen the scope and availability of education. Her opponents have found her to be an intimidating force that, as President Roosevelt once said, speaks softly but carries a big stick.


Her first few days in Washington began with her Senate confirmation hearings. Vice President Pence cast the deciding vote and she was confirmed as The United States Secretary of Education. Since her confirmation she has put the nay sayers aside and began work to make America’s education system great again.


One of her first moves as secratary was not a surprise to those who know her. She identified a conflict and made moves to address it and move forward. She contacted the leaders of two major teacher’s unions to organize a meeting between the two parties.


Throughout her life Betsy DeVos has exhibited generosity, passion, drive, and intelligence. In addition to her educational work Betsy, and the entire DeVos family have established many institutions in Michigan. The DeVos Children’s hospital, DeVos Communications center, the DeVos Convention Center, and many others are examples of the DeVos families philanthropy.


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