Ara Chackerian Shares Why He Is Excited About Healthcare Industry Startups

Ara Chackerian is an investor and innovator in the healthcare industry. He says that healthcare startups are currently thriving thanks to many venture capital firms being interested in providing them with capital. He said that startups are enhancing their footprints and driving innovation.

He says that he isn’t surprised at all by all the investing that is going into healthcare industry startups. One of his successful startups was for medical imaging. Some of his fellow venture capitalists are showing concern, though, about why startups aren’t engaging in either mergers& acquisitions or filing to have an initial public offering.

Ara Chackerian says long ago he realized that introducing more technology to the healthcare industry would result in better patient outcomes. This includes artificial intelligence, robotics, and digital imaging. Technology would also streamline the business side of the healthcare industry so that companies could be more profitable. He says that startups in the healthcare industry depend on their founder’s ability to innovate and sell that innovation to private equity investors. They also need to offer some return to their investors.

Ara Chackerian lives and works in California’s Bay Area which is one of the main national hotbeds of startups in both the healthcare and technology industries. He thinks that despite what some other venture capitalists are concerned about he feels that 2019 will be a great year for startups in the field of healthcare. He has moved a number of the companies he has invested into the mainstream of medicine. He sees companies that are delivering precision and personalized medicine as the ones most likely to succeed.

He says it’s an exciting time to be in his line of work. Startups are bringing a lot of innovation to how patients are treated and improving their outcomes. Ara Chackerian says that the startups of today are offering will sooner or later become the treatments of tomorrow.