Anthony Constantinou Continues With Bayesian Artificial Intelligence


Former Greek soldier and lecturer Anthony Constantinou is known for his research in Bayesian Artificial Intelligence. He is considered a real Indiana Jones to many in the research fields. At the young age of 35, he has achieved more in the realm of research than many people twice his age.

Constantinou currently holds several graduate and post graduate degrees from the University of Hertfordshire and the University of London. He is a lecturer at Queen Mary University in London and a consultant with Bayesian Networks. He has received dozens of peer reviews including the International Journal of Sports Finance, the European Journal of Applied Mathematics, and the Market Quarter Review of Economic Finance.

In Constantinou’s current position, with Bayesian Networks, he collaborates with businesses within the sports betting industry. Constantinou’s job also deals with risk support, risky problems, and intelligent design. He has also completed work with Japan’s JFE Steel Corporation, Venture Sports and Events, and ICRAF World Agroforestry Center.

Constantinou also has a long list on honors based on his academic works. He was a presenter at the SET for Britain Exposition, Principal Investigator on EPSRC UKRI Innovation Fellowship project, the Open Sports Scientific Journal 119, Journal of the Royal Society Interface, and a Touring Fellow at the prestigious Alan Turing Institute. Read This Article for additional information.

His most recent paper on Bayesian Artificial Intelligence illustrates how certain factors can be predictive of one another. Contanstinou’s body of work is quite remarkable.


Contantinou also served in the Greek National Guard for many years.

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